Berbuka Puasa Ramadan 2018

This Ramadan

We had celebrated this special and meaningful moment with A Lubricants’ friends and families at Johor, Melaka, and Ipoh! More than 500 people to join our specially constructed Berbuka Puasa Ramadan Buffet Dinner. It’s such an amazing response from our members.

Marilah kita berbuka puasa bersama-sama

After a long fasting, there is wide range of traditional Malay cuisine and one of the best Kambing Panggang(Grilled Whole Lamb) has been provided for berbuka puasa “bersama-sama”(together). This brings us a meaningful moment for A Lubricants’ friends & families to gather and celebrate. On top of it, this was the great moment to show the spirit of harmony and unity of multicultural and multiracial in Malaysia.

Look! Our event is full of unexpected surprises.

gold bar
guess money

There is a lot of gold bar and prizes are up for grabs with the lucky draw, money guessing game, and Q&A game.

It was an awesome experience with people in Johor,Melaka and Ipoh for the buka puasa celebration 2018! Thanks, everyone for coming down and support us to make this event as successful as it was!
We will see you all again and again!

General Knowledge
Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, it is compulsory for Muslim to abstain from satisfying their most basic needs and urges, between sunrise and sunset. This helps them to instill self-discipline, patience, submissiveness to God and others.