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High Performing Lubricants

Our products is specially formulated using most advance German Technology to ensures maximum engine performance and power.

01. Superior Quality

Reliable products which does not contain any harmful substances and provides 8 times more excellent anti-wear ability than ordinary lubricants making drive smoother with continuous power that prolongs engine life.

02. Client’s Satisfaction

Thanks to A-Lubricants enhanced formula, we can effectively improve the anti-wear agent and respond to abnormal engine internal parts, transmission changes, burning oil, and oil leakage.

Meet Our Brand New

Our products use nano metal magnetic fluid cutting-edge technology to ensure no added sulfur extreme pressure additives. Most of the products in market are basically added. Extreme pressure additives like sulfur-phosphorus types can be “too chemically reactive,” resulting in polishing wear and can cause the most damage to the metal. This additives is undesirable because it reduces gear accuracy by wearing away the tooth profiles.


Start To Care For Your Car Today

Some Reasons to Work

We Believe in Best Quality

  • Efficient, Energy-Saving and Environmentally Friendly
  • Improves Fuel quality and make the engine work perfectly

We Believe in Good Synergy

  • We provide the full range of car-care products such as additives (super treatment, super booster, super decarbonizer) and engine oil.
  • With the full range of A-Lubricants products, it can help to reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%.

Our Uniqueness

The World’s first car care concept based company

  • Truly understand the whole business of retail trade, car care and maintenance of motor vehicles.
  • Provides professional knowledge of car care in the maintenance
    of motor vehicles.
  • Developed a new business trend which combined with traditional business type to ensure better competitive advantage against competitors in the changing market.

Benefit The World, Feel The Freedom