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Frequently Asked Questions

Home Frequently Asked Questions


1. How to become a member?

Login to and register now! Purchase 1 A-SP Starter Pack to become our member.

2. What are the advantages of being a member?

-Earn Score Point

-Earn M-Bonus

3. Is VVIP still need to renew membership after 1.5 years?

Yes. VVIP is required to renew in order to enjoy its benefits.

4. What is the benefit of 2nd wave?

Free membership, Equitable, No recruiting people,  High returns and Profit sharing


1. Why should you choose A Lubricants product?

Safe, high-quality, reasonable prices and reliable company

2. Where to purchase A Lubricant engine oil?

Purchase at any our selected panel workshops.

3. What is special about A Lubricant?

The 1st Vehicle Care concept based company in the world by developing a new business trend with the combination of traditional and online business to better serve members.

4. Is my car (under warranty) still holding warranty after I tried A Lubricant engine oil and service?

Yes, warranty do not have any rules and regulations that stated to use a specific brand of engine oil.