Family Day 2017

The Most Meaningful Event In 2017

A family is very important in our life! In this new era of technology, we notice that families are spending little time together. Parents are working, children are at school and playing phone or computer games. AF1 Family Day allow families to share time together and create a memorable experience for everyone.

What's Special about Our Family Day?

There are around 500 people had attended our Family Day Event at Pulai Spring Resort, JB on 19 Ogos 2017. We had the most wonderful day, all our members and their family loved the activity. Magical Clown? Photobooth? Family Game? Lucky Draw? Delicious Buffet? These all are at our family day event! In appreciation of the support of our members, more than RM 200,000 prizes have been given out.

Look! There is a variety of food had been provided. It looks nice and delicious.

WOW! There is a lot of gift for attendees.

We had the most wonderful day, all age groups enjoy the activity.

It was an awesome experience for our members!
Thanks, everyone for coming and support us to make this event as successful as it was!