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is Poised to Become the Largest Automotive Community and Modernizing the Business of Servicing Vehicles and Motorized Machinery

A Great Place for Business

Why Join Us?

A Great Place for Business

We offer and provide a solid business platform for all our members, to develop and achieve their goals and dreams. We encourage our people to roll-up their sleeves, get heavily involved, and take on the many challenges and opportunities bound to come.

Training and Developing Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Whether you are an experienced professional looking for the next challenge, or just starting your career, we offer ample opportunities, as well as training and development programs that empower you to expand your skills, abilities and network.

Quality Product Line

Our business is built upon the quality of our products, to give our members and clients the confidence and satisfaction whenever they speak of the product. We do not compromise and maintain the highest level of quality assurance through the entire manufacturing process.

Dynamic Work Environment and Strong Sense of Community

Our teams are highly entrepreneurial and innovative, going beyond today’s problems and finding tomorrow’s solutions. Our people collaborate within our communities to share ideas and insights, unlocking our clients competitive edge and helping them achieve their business goals.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

We leverage on the diversity of thought, culture, background and knowledge of our community, increasing the potential for unique perspectives, and ideas. We encourage fair business practices and equal opportunities for all members.

Expanding Internationally

As we grow our international presence, all our members will have immediate and direct cross-border access to people, businesses and leaders. We encourage you to explore this international community.

Become Our Panel Workshop

Access to Large Member Community

Through our high-quality products, innovative marketing plan and incentivized referral scheme, we ensure all Panel Workshops will have loyal and growing clientele. The 1st and only online based engine oil business platform, we guarantee that our member community will know where and how to find you!

High Performance Products

We guarantee your clients will be very satisfied once they have seen and experienced the improvement in their vehicles performance, and simultaneously, protect and prolong the lifespan of their engine system.

Assist Customers to Avoid Massive Expenses

Our products have proven to solve critical vehicle problems, such as “Knocking”…, saving your clients from incurring massive expenses, and also reducing the service/ repair time.

Enjoy Lucrative Profits and Rewards

Our innovative income and commission schemes are guaranteed to multiply your profits, above the normal industry standards. You will earn more while working the same or less. We also organize events to reward our best performing Panel Workshops and members, with Cash, Awards and many Exciting Prizes.

Become My Shop

We will be appointing Main Stockiest (MS) for each state and give them exclusivity to supply to the Panel Workshops (PW) and members. MS will enjoy innovative and lucrative income and commissions, through the existing products. MS will also be responsible for keeping their respective PW and members updated on the latest company developments, promotions, and events. With the growth of our business and members, we will also continue to add more high quality products to increase the business of the MS. MS is an integral part of our company’s current and future business, so we are looking for likeminded, passionate and determined individuals or enterprises to join us on our journey.