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Our Leadership

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Our Core Values That Make
Us Professional

Quality Services

We constantly monitor our service quality to ensure it achieves or exceeds customer expectations whilst remaining economically competitive

Planning & Strategy

Our planning and strategy are always
focused on market trend and needs
to help the company, workshop,
and members win in every aspect
of the business.

Clients Satisfaction

We provide outstanding products and services to our panels, members and now, we have more than 86,000 satisfied customers in Malaysia.


We uphold the highest level of integrity and perform with professionalism and responsibility.

Team Challenges

We always take great pride in being considered true team building specialists. Ensuring our passion for teamwork and enthusiasm for exceptional customer service shine through in all we did. Our team power spirit brings up ‘Drive to Excellence’ culture with the collaborative working style emphasizes approachable, tolerance and trust.

We believe an optimal synergy among various disciplines of departments is crucial to build a strong company team where the foundation is to anticipate and rise to the ever-challenging requirements of stakeholders by continuous commitments. Our event management team is proficient in organizing, planning and managing events at all levels to ensure high clients’ satisfaction as well as to maintain company reputation.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

"Michael Jordan"