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Automotive Lubricants and Additives

We provide quality car-care products that enhances and prolongs the lifespan of the vehicle

We are Creators

We are Creators

First in Malaysia to create a network of 172,000 vehicle care centres

We Think Quality

We Think Quality

Our success comes from our unique revolutionary products

Our Vision

Our Vision

A-Lubricants brand to achieve global recognition within 5 years.

The Story of Our Company

We believe in developing strong and long-term relationships with our valued customers, whereby, achieving their “driving” satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Achieve a WIN/WIN collaboration between EINS and our members, and achieve our objective to become the No.1 “Automotive Lubricants and Additives” in the world.

Eins is committed to providing the best quality products and consulting services to our clients. Our team of skilled professionals brings more than 20 years of industry experience.


Happy Clients & Satisfied

A-Lubricants's DNA

Specially formulated using the most advance German Technology to ensure vehicle achieves maximum engine performance and power

Redefining the Technology

All features and benefits are packed in a drop of A-Lubricants, making it the most advanced formula we have ever created.

Business Consulting

The World’s 1st car-care concept based company. We provide the BEST business opportunity to the car service centres and members to be successful entrepreneurs.


A-Lubricants' provides our quality products and services through our over 80 panel workshops' nationwide.

High performing lubricants for all

Our Products

To ensure our consumers requirements are met, we have formulated a wide range of products that are focused on efficient and environmentally friendly.

Engine Oil

Our engine oil is manufactured with high safety measure and quality control. Approved by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Hyundai-Kia and General Motors.

Super Booster

Best Selling product. Formulated to improve gasoline engine performance and reduce fuel consumption.


Best car care product for your car! Provide environmental protection. Specially formulated to improve and protect your engine without reduce engine performance!